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Call for Europeana Research Grants

Europeana is looking for individual research projects which make use of Europeana Collections for research purposes: employing state of the art tools and methods in the Digital Humanities to address a specific research question.

* Who can apply ?
Postgraduate or doctoral students, early career scholars in any field within the Humanities, Social Sciences, Archival or Information Sciences.
Selected candidates will be in charge of their own project and free to pursue it according to their own work schedule.
Selected members of the Europeana Research Team and Advisory Board will guide and advise them, based on their area of expertise and in accordance with their needs.

* Budget:
Funding is available for up to 8,000 Eur per successful project. Three to five successful proposals will be funded. Funding can be used for buyout of researcher time, travel, meetings, or developer costs.
This funding does not include overheads.

* Duration of the projects:
Each project will be funded for one to six months, but all the work must be carried out during the period of 1st December 2016 to 1st of May 2017.
The final reports should be submitted in English by 1st of May 2017.

* How to apply:
Candidates should send an updated CV alongside a publications’ list, accompanied by a 500-word project proposal (including a work plan) to Dr. Agiatis Benardou at:

+ ++ Deadline: 14th October 2016. +++

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