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Traineeships at the CoR

Each year, the Committee of the Regions (CoR) provides a limited number of internships for young citizens, from an EU Member state or an official accession candidate, offering them the opportunity to acquire work experience in a European institution.Three types of internships are available: Standard Traineeship, Short-term study visits and Traineeship for Government Officials. Standard traineeshipEach

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Stages chez Euradio

Deux fois par an, Euradio, une radio européenne basée à Nantes depuis 2007 et à Lille depuis 2018, accueille des 'équipes européennes' de stagiaires de septembre à février et de février à juin pour apprendre et collaborer avec Euradio. Sous la direction de professionnels du secteur, les stagiaires effectueront un

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College of Europe Scholarships for university graduates from ENP countries

The College of Europe, founded in 1949, is a unique postgraduate institute specialising in European education and training. Intensive programmes are offered in European integration issues, with particular emphasis on law, economics, political and social sciences.The European Commission offers a large number of scholarships to university graduates coming from European

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