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Conclusions of the Slovak EU Youth Conference

The Slovak Presidency of the European Council, together with the Slovak Youth Council, the European Commission and the European Youth Forum, hosted the EU Youth Conference in Košice, Slovakia, from 3 to 6 October 2016.

Over four days, youth delegates and policy-makers worked together to identify and discuss the main challenges faced by young people today to fully develop their potential and become engaged in society.

With the overall theme of “Enabling all young people to engage in a diverse, connected and inclusive Europe. Ready for life, ready for society”, the EU Youth Conference was part of the 5th cycle of the Structured Dialogue, a unique participative process where young people contribute to EU youth policy.

They developed recommendations are based on the input of 65,000 young people from around Europe.

The recommendations were presented to representatives from the European Commission, the European Parliament and the ministries responsible for youth of the EU Member States.

These recommendations will be discussed in November in a High Level Policy Debate by the Ministries from the 28 Member States. They will then be addressed to the Council of the EU to be the basis of participative youth policies.

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