Together, Moving Forward

Small grants programme run by the European Student Union (ESU) aiming at building positive refugee-host interactions across Europe.


With this programme, ESU aims to inspire change and:

  • Reshape public discourse around forced migration and confront hate speech in our societies;
  • Inspire student-led initiatives addressing refugees’ and asylum seekers’ living conditions and not least their access to education;
  • Build capacity for student representatives to be more responsive to issues related to forced migration, focusing on social inclusion and access to education;
  • Empower National Student Unions to promote and advocate for clear policies that ease the access of refugees and asylum seekers to Higher Education;
  • Open up to new student groups and other stakeholders active on refugee issues, especially education;
  • Build long-lasting links between refugees, their communities, and student communities.


The programme support student-led initiatives at local, national or European level.
Applicants apply for any sum up to 10,000 EUR (or 12,000 EUR if there is a European component).


Eligible projects
should have a clear link with the objectives of the call:
– show good understanding of the context and needs being addressed;
– take on actions that are relevant to those needs;
– be student-led or have a strong student participation
– A very strong attention will be given to the effective inclusion of young people or students with refugee background in the project, and as much as possible in the decision-making processes.


Who can apply
– non-for profit (student) organisations, not just ESU members;
– student-led groups;
– ESU members;
– local students’ unions, and
– refugee-led or migrant-led organisations.

How to apply
Applicant organisations need to provide:
–  Copies of their statutes as an organisation or a copy of their official registration in the country;
– An audit report proving the soundness of their financial system or a copy of accounts covering the last financial year should they not have an audited version;
– Informal group of students, can get in touch with a local or national union of students, or another established organisation and ask for their support.

Application from a single individual will not be accepted.

Deadline to apply: 16 February 2020, 23:59 CET.


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