Youth Exchange – Empathic Step #1


We invite you to literally step in the shoes of other people and SWIM in Isle of Wight, RUN in Northern Ireland and HIKE in Iceland, imagining nowadays realities, whereas a lot of refugees had to swim, walk or run over mountains, cross the sea and borders to reach peace in Europe.

During swim, run and hike (outdoor element) and other types of physical activities (sports element) through non-formal education methods you will explore sensitive topics and particularly EMPATHY. 

Empathic Step is a 3-phased empathy developing project to step in variety of different shoes through our KING methodology: Knowledge, Involvement, Nature, Growth.

Overall Focus

  • To develop personally, which helps to understand ourselves and reflect on own behavior and behavior of others
  • Challenge the perception of the structures within our society that undermine social inclusion or foster discrimination
  • Overcoming the stereotypes of different religions
  • To raise awareness on the topic of discrimination
  • To build a broader understanding of what an inclusive attitude means and to start inter cultural and inter- religious dialogue
  • To understand the connections between culture and sport and to understand the inter cultural aspects of sport
  • To raise the sense of empathy towards other people

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