Sunday, September 19, 2021
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Digital Dashboard: policy makers’ tool to listen to young people

Do you feel your views are not being heard by policy makers? DEEP-Linking Youth has developed a social media monitoring platform to connect EU policy makers with the challenges faced by young Europeans.

What is it about? Social media listening. In other words, the Digital Dashboard is a monitoring platform that collects public comments and posts in Twitter, blogs and in public groups of Facebook using keywords. This tool, launched on the 22 March of 2017, will be tested in the theme of youth learning mobility, meaning that from today all the posts about volunteering, working, studying abroad or the Erasmus Programme are being gathered in the Digital Dashboard.

The idea is that policy makers listen to voices that are not normally heard. It is not about encouraging young people to address institutions, but about policy makers going directly to what is being said online about an issue. The aim is to use e-participation as an instrument to foster young people’s active participation in democratic life.

This project, supported by the European Commission, is led by the European Citizen Action Service in partnership with the Erasmus Student Network, The Consultation Institute, the Civil College Foundation, the ProInfo Foundation, GONG and Citizens Foundation.