Saturday, October 23, 2021
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How many years (!) of your life do you spend on social media?

Every now and then a critic on how people are addicted to their phones and completely alien to the world comes out. It seems a fashion on newspaper now (that we read in our smartphones)…

The issue, however, is not only the change on types of interaction (`digital` versus `real life`), but the time spend on social media.

According to a research, on an average lifespam, the time people switch over Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and the like, can come up to 5 years and 4 months – the same time to go to the moon and back 32 times, or running over 10 thousand marathons!

(You can check out more interesting correlations here:

But with the continuous development of technologies, it is very unlike that people will just shut off their smartphones and computers – chances are that these estimations will continue to increase. However, just as watching TV, there are good and bad ways to do it – that is, a passive and an active mode. Let`s think about it:

-Do I really select the pages related to my interests and engage with people that are important to me, or I keep following through whatever content that comes up my news feed, in an endless chain that can last for hours?

-Do I switch channels on whatever is going on the tv rather than choosing a nice series or movie – or even better, going to the movies with a friend?

-Do I use my resources (for instance, sports apps or photo communities) to keep myself and my friends motivated, pass a nice message or interact and catch up or am I broadcasting every step of my day, fishing for `likes`?

In other words, there is no harm in evolving to a virtual network, provided that it doesn`t replace real life. Besides few studies have shown that overuse of social media can also be psychologically harmful: as people only brag about good stuff there, a person on a vulnerable or not-so-awesome moment can only realize how bad their own life is at that moment. Or yet, that despite having thousands of friends on Facebook, people have never felt so alone.

So why not trying to disconnect from time to time?! Sounds impossible at first and only the idea makes you freak out? These guys have done it and they don`t seem to regret…


And when you come back…here are a few tips to optimize this time and find the balance:

-Use marketing strategies to diffuse things related to your activities – sports, arts, dance – rather than posting what time you went to the toilet or what you had for lunch.

-Become a web researcher – gather the information about people and places you are and post them along your pictures!

-Whether on a trip or your hometown, play the journalist – interview someone and post their opinion on something you wanted to post (any topic, any jokes, can be anything!)

-Reach out for content that can be also interesting for your friends, and share! (ex. Career tests you have taken, articles about the field you want to work for)

Find a cause (if you don`t already have one) to support! Just look around – environment, protection of animals, the job market, education of children…

Motivate people, be creative about your passions (not only browsing on people`s profiles, gossiping or publishing repeated content)!


All in all, it is not the amount of time that matters, but the verb – spend or waste – you employ along. Choose wisely!