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Lights, Camera, Action! The Video-CV

​Do you enjoy shooting videos of yourself? At the same time, the idea of writing a curriculum vitae (CV) on paper seems scary and bothersome? A video-CV might be your savior!
But attention!

A video-CV does not always replace the standard CV format. In some cases, even specific forms have to be filled) and the unconventional model can actually be of disadvantage.

However, if you’re applying for a role in the online, media, social or creative professions, then it’s more likely a decent video resume will impress your potential employer and can make the whole difference in getting you that interview.

After deciding if it is appropriate, it is time to tailor the information.

But what does `tailoring` mean?

Just as for standard CVs, it is essential to filter which of your competencies are interesting to the specific position you are applying for. If you are making a suit, you don`t add buttons everywhere just because buttons are useful, right?

So here are a few tips to get you started:

So here are a few tips:

1)Build the script:

It is good to have the paper version as a reference, just not to lose track. But you want also to make use of the visual strategy to add details or components that can`t fit in the paper. Ideally, you should also do some research on the company and use the job post as a guide for the expectations. Think about your motivations, and try also to come up with potential questions of the employer in deciding about hiring you:

Why do I want to join your company?

Why do I believe I will be an asset to your company?

Which of my skills do I believe I can use to your benefit?

What specific contribution do I hope to make to your company?

Incorporate the answers in your discourse and leave no doubt!


Or do you think all the masterpieces of Hollywood were done on the first try?

If necessary, ask also a friend or someone in your family to check about the content. Even if you have the chance to watch for yourself, the opinion of other on how you look like, the pitch, the speed etc can help you understand and improve the message.

3)Care about the scenario – including the protagonist!

Dress as if you were attending an interview. Feel free to do it in a park or a garden, just make sure if eventual noises (wind, animals or even people, which ideally should be left out) wouldn`t interfere on the quality of the sound  If you shoot it in your room, make sure there are no dirty socks and towels all over the background

4)Be prepared, but also spontaneous

Remember, the employer could read your paper himself. You want to show consistency about your history and perspectives. Repeat and plan as many time as necessary to bring it up without having to consult any notes. After all, who better than you to know about what you want.

5)Be concise.

1 to 3 minutes long is more than enough. Think of the elevator speech idea: if you met your future employer in a lift and had only a few seconds to promote yourself, what precious information could you not leave out?

6)Dare !

Be creative (but remember: always professional !)

Confidence is also very important, but you definitely don`t want to exaggerate and make a full of yourself…

…Unless you are Barney Stinson:

Most importantly, the video-CV is a chance to present your skills in a more objective and dynamic way. It is therefore important to use this powerful tool to show your personality and stand out in a unique way. A few examples can serve for inspiration, though:

So…Lights, Camera, Action… and Success!