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SVE en Arménie

“Nobody will understand what we have experienced here, even if we try to explain it.”

This is exactly what I’ve experienced. Doing my EVS in Armenia for a couple of months was one of the greatest and the most valuable things I’ve ever accomplished.

I could have never imagined what I will come across to before leaving little comfortable Luxembourg. This feelings which are passing through your body once you are there and a little voice in your head whispering ‘Adventure’.
When I arrived there, I was suddenly starving for challenge, experiences, understanding and travelling.
I was passionate by observing people around me and trying to understand why they are acting, thinking and looking like they are. Why are we doing things differently than they are? Are they wrong and we are right? Well, that is a matter of cultural differencies.
My first days were breathtaking, discovering a brand new surrounding and not wasting even one second without smiling into the world. When I realized that girls are not supposed to smile at men because this is seen as a sexual invitation, I obviously stopped smiling to random people, but I was still shining into myself.

Still, this experience is something you will not understand if you haven’t lived it, it is just magical. The thirst for this completely different atmosphere in which you can do something to help. Such heartwarming people not suspecting you to be bad only because you are different.
Can you even imagine that if your car stops working, every single car passing is stopping to see if they can help repairing? Can you imagine a community where your host is more important than yourself? They will host you whenever they can and they will treat you like family.

EVS is a chance to take and give, but I could not even tell you with words what you are giving and what you are taking, experience it by yourself!
Be up for a challenge and accept cultural differences!