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SVE en Grèce 2

Fanny volunteered from March to July 2015 at Archelon, The Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece. Here few selected extracts from Fanny’s travel diary:


“… You get to learn how to treat the turtles wounds, give injections and drips (you always think about the pain the animal suffers from but then you remember that it is for its own good). The other volunteers show it to you in every details and you will learn it fast… Each turtle receives its own treatment. A weekly planning for food, cleansings and treatments is organized…”



“… We have adopted Baby King, a small land tortoise. It was burnt on the bottom so we treated it with a special cream and gave it a bath everyday… After one month approximatively, I have learned a lot and I was able to start introducing the new volunteers for the daily work… We had school classes from all over the world who came to visit the centre and helped us with the daily work. People from Germany, the United States, Switzerland, Greece, etc. It was fun to learn about all this people…”


“… The third week, I started Greek lessons… Greek is not an easy language to learn, it has a different alphabet and pronunciation… After three months of Greek classes, I was able to recognize words when people were talking. Moreover, I can read and write now… What a great feeling..!”


“During our free time, we went to swim to the sea, we did snorkeling, sunbathing, running, trainning, hiking, etc. In addition, we did beach cleaning with a lot of volunteers working for different projects… In April, we celebrated Easter. It is the biggest event of the year, like Christmas for us. Our whole volunteer group was invited by a Greek volunteer to a family dinner. It was amazing! So friendly people and excellent food…”


“… I went on holiday to Skopelos with Kaitlin a Canadian girl. We lived in a small village for few days and drove around with our motorcycle… Sooooo cool! Nine different beaches, a lot of sightseeing and swimming, churches and monasteries visits, etc. On the way to Athens, we saw a swarm of dolphins swimming near our ferry. I will never forget that…”

“… We had a lot of fun all together and Archelon is a great place to do a volunteer. You can learn a lot… Thank you for everything!”