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SVE à Peniche, Portugal

I worked in a Kinder garden in Ferrel with children aged between 5 and 6 years old. My work was to educate, listen, understand and teach the children. Animation and organisation of activities was another part of my work. I decided to create a project about the European Union, with seven activities, for the class where I was working. The project was to bring and explain the value and information about the European countries and to explain what the European Union is. The result of this project was fantastic.


The children learned about the different countries, how many countries are in the E.U. and a lot of other information like how many people live the E.U., which country is the smallest/biggest or about the different flags. It was an amazing experience for me and for them. I think we all learned a lot with this project.


My expectations were to learn new people, new cultures, making new experiences, learn a lot about other countries and Portugal. I wanted to know me better in a totally new situation. In the end I can say, it was one of the best experiences of my life. I learned so much and could make so many new experiences. I learned a lot about myself. I spend amazing moments with other volunteers, with new friends from Peniche, with my work institution, and naturally with my host organization. I just want say thank you to all of them because they made my EVS so perfect.


I’m really satisfied with my EVS and with the Host- and Sending Organization (AJP Portugal  CIJ Luxembourg). They were every time there when I had some questions. Our interactions were very polite and respectful. It was really a pleasure to share this experience of my life with so nice and professional people.


The chance to make an EVS and where you can get so many experiences, has to be continued because only with projects like this, people will be more able to share parts of their lives with totally different people, cultures, traditions and knowledge. The result of this will be a more respectful and tolerant European Union.

David Marques Marinho