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“No Hate” Youth Exchange is announced by WIYU (World Independant Youth Union)

Freedom of Expression vs Spread of Intolerance – two sides of a coin in an era of massive and rapid diffusion of communication.

`If hate speech offline is a problem that societies have recognized, and found the need to address, is online hate speech something that we can ignore? Of course not.`

In 2012, Advisory Council on Youth of Council of Europe started the No Hate Speech Movement, the campaign that aimed to combat the hate speech online in all its forms, and with this “No hate” project we want to contribute to making internet a safer place for young people and to prevent human rights violation online.


Dates: 8-17 December 2017 , Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Deadline for applications: November 15, 2017

(please note that only citizens/residents of Luxembourg are eligible to apply ).
More information and application:


For further questions you can contact with the “Amities Luxembourg – Armenie” (A.L.A.) a.s.b.l.:




The issues that will be addressed by competences developed during the project are:
• Decrease the level of aggression and intolerance online through civil society organisations/youth workers.
• Perception of phenomena of hate speech and its influence on young people’s lives.
• Subjective opinion, memory and bias.
• Human rights online
• Peace-building
• Internet literacy
• Freedom of speech
• Promoting intercultural dialogue
• Preventing radicalization of young people




The participants will be 28young people interested in education and/or training, volunteers working with young people

that meet the following criteria:

  • English Language and communication skills;
  • The need to improve skills and competences relating to the topic of the project;
  • Willingness to cooperate and develop future projects in Erasmus+;
  • The role/ involvement with Youth Work and the sending organization.